AZ-DC. Exploring the Nation’s Capital

Written By on July 6, 2016

First a forward from our Creative Director: “We are nothing without our people, and since we’re small—every single individual that joins our ragtag assemblage at Magnetry shapes its very future. Every person adds not just talent and concrete disciplines but more importantly personality and their own brand of fun. This is true of everyone here but nobody embodies the get-it-done, blue-collar, always-learning inventiveness better than Danny. He was our first employee and I personally could not ask for a better peer, collaborator, occasional accomplice or creative partner. Danny bleeds for Magnetry, and Magnetry breathes because of him. It’s not always considered cool to emote in public in our culture, but I love him like a brother. A brother who is always documenting what we are doing, oftentimes while we’re doing it. And a brother who almost got me run over in the District. I hope you enjoy this little peek into one of our recent productions from his perspective.”


AZ-DC. Exploring The Nation’s Capital. – Danny Upshaw, Lead Motion Designer

When put on assignment in Washington DC to capture photography for a client, there is no telling what you’ll get. Growing up in the desert of Phoenix Arizona my entire life, everything I see is a wonderful new experience. Here’s a video diary of our recent exploration around The Nation’s Capital. Shot and edited with Samsung Galaxy s7 edge.

And a few pics:

Home from War.

Danny on the Beach


The Smithsonian


Air and Space.

A little art.