Victory Through Gumption.

Written By on January 7, 2016

I’ve always liked the word gumption. It’s like courage but with more of a blue-collar, street-wise, and experienced flavor. It’s bravery with intellect. Gumption is a word that has gone out of style, but we enjoy bringing these types of words back to fill in the gaps in our language. Gumption also perfectly describes the types of clients we love working with, and how we try to approach every project.

For the new year, we desired to make something to serve as a daily reminder for all of us to live more courageously. Something that we could put on our wall and look at each morning to focus our efforts, and then give to others for the same reason. But we didn’t want mere resolution or a trite platitude, we wanted a rallying cry. And we wanted this ‘thing’ to take a form that also fit the message.

Enter the pennant. The word pennant comes from the combination of two words, pendant and pennon. Knights from the middle-ages would carry pennons out onto the battlefield. Today, we think of pennants as banners representing a sports championship, but it works in the same way to warn opponents they might be in for a tough fight. Pennants are themselves a bit old-fashioned but you might remember hanging one on your wall as a kid if you were a sports fan. (’86 Mets anyone?)

So, to encourage everyone to be more brave in 2016 we made a gumption pennant and shared it with our friends. Here’s what we have been passing out this week. If you’ve been lucky enough to receive one – share a pic of you displaying it proudly via twitter using #victorythroughgumption.

(Much thanks to our new friends over at Oxford Pennant in Buffalo, NY for making this happen and for making such a crafted, authentic, and vintage product.)