Beyond Design


When AIGA Arizona contacted us to work on their annual design week and conference, we told them we’d do it. But next year. Our plan was to start much earlier than ever and try to contribute not just a look but a perspective on design. So we waited, all the while biding our time by considering what message we wanted to convey in order to promote the events but also make people think.

The Identity & Brand

We wanted to bake a LOT into the design, and not just deliver a logo but a framework of communication. We wanted to represent the sometimes cult-like feel that design groups tend to have, and did so by approaching the project in a psuedo-religious angle. The meaning is open to your interpretation.

We pushed them beyond.

Magnetry's perpsective on design is that by itself or in the wrong hands, it's a cheap commodity. However, when applied well with craft and ingenuity, it can be the most powerful force in business. We encouraged everyone to move courageously into the beyond.

One of the most fun parts of this project was concepting and producing the opening ceremony video. We didn’t want it to be a motion-graphics feature with no meaning, we knew it had to set the tone for everything to come. And THEN we had to do an encore, a program that would get people talking.

Built for Social Expansion

We designed a system meant to grow into all social platforms, allowing PHXDW to easily recruit attendees.

It's not a cult without Swag.

We dare you to find a more cynical audience for your design than a design conference; but by any measure we wow-ed them.

The Gathering

With five hundred attendees, the 2018 PHXDW was the biggest gathering to date - showing that we have indeed created a massive cult of creatives in the process.