We inherently resist things like formal missions and brand pillars around here, but occasionally we have a need to explain the what and how of Magnetry to those unacquainted. The beauty of our name is that you should get the gist pretty quickly, but the Laws of Attraction highlight the things we know are important and our commitment to them. They are the closest thing we're ever going to have to a values statement, but they aren't exactly written in stone, either. They ebb and flow with the ever-changing world we live in, just like any force of nature.

The laws describe exactly what our clients need to be attractive, they reveal marketing truths, and our steadfast focus on creating magnetism between real humans and the brands they love. These laws are not quite irrefutable - but we have a lot of experience that says they are as close as any law of physics could be — and they work in tandem. You can't adhere to one, the marketing universe requires that you recognize and deal with them all, all at once, all the time.

Law #1. Beauty attracts Attention.

This might seem obvious at first, but your brand has to first look good to get the attention you need. This isn't to say that everything has to be simple or classic, no far from it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we'll help shape your physical appearance to match your audience. From crisp brand strategy to a well-crafted and designed tactical campaign, we'll help you turn heads and keep them staring across every possible touchpoint. 

Law #2. Intellect attracts Curiosity.

It's not enough that your marketing looks good, it has to go deeper. Stimulating the mind activates the imagination, and that’s where the real conversion lives. If you respect people's intelligence with thought-provoking ideas that are implemented through a sharp communication strategy you can change your perception in a single consumer, an entire marketplace, and perhaps even move the world to action.

Law #3. Courage attracts Loyalty.

This is where a lot of brands get lost, but do you have the courage to do what's right? What matters? Guts. Moxie. Backbone. Whatever you want to call it, we can help you discover and express your values to the world in a consistent way that will earn not just their business today but their admiration over the long haul.

Our simple evaluation of every campaign and client relationship is based on these laws. Are we creating work that is visually stunning, captivating and emotive? Are we creating work that has depth and makes people think or better yet, have second thoughts about what they believe and know? And lastly, are we doing the important things, that are often the hard things, alongside our client partners? We'd be lying if we said everything we did hit these high marks all the time, but it's important for you to know where we stand. And it's important to know when we fall short. These three laws are simple in essence, but not easy. They take a great partnership to leverage.

Make it pretty. Make it smart. Make it matter.

While we're not currently accepting new clients (we have enough of those,) we ARE always looking for people trying to create a more beautiful, thoughtful and meaningful experience. If we can help with that, well, that's what we love to do.