Magnetry was founded as the answer to the microcontent age, the solution for the never-ending production cycle.

Branding firm, ad agency, development company, incubator, design studio, product think-tank, production company. We are a lot of things to our roster of clients.
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We have a unique set of skills.

  • Advertising

    A dirty word to firms that happily called themselves ad agencies a few years ago. But we’re not ashamed to be salesmen for products, companies, or causes we love. We shill and we thrill.

  • Branding

    Think beyond logos & taglines. What's your reason for being? Why should people care? What good are you doing in the world? Let's build a complete strategy together.

  • Development

    Front-end. Back-end. The end result. We have all of your ends covered. Agile, full-stack development capability that puts the idea and experience first. The way it should be.

  • Social

    Friends, followers, & frenemies - we are the pied piper of them all. We connect brands and people using content strategies involving current events, pop culture, trends, fads and the now.

  • Design

    No, not decoration. Intelligent, practical, user-focused and super-smart design and positioning. Complete visual language creators, well-versed in the art and science of communication.

  • PR/Media

    We bake a good story into everything we do. And whether it's earned, owned, or paid - we will find the best mediums to share it with those who will care the most.

  • Video & Motion

    We don’t like relying on outsiders to make our stuff unless necessary, so we have full in-house video production. And we put the money on the screen better than anyone.

  • Special Sauce

    We are more than the sum of our capabilities. We augment everything we do and everything we make with impeccable taste, perfect timing and magnetism of course.

J. Jason Smith


Britni Jackson

Director of Digital

Sean McMahon

Director of Technology

Danny Upshaw

Lead Motion Designer

Jess Trounce

Senior Art Director

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