Catch Our Drift

Verrado Drift Trike

This New Product Launches.

For our work with Verrado, we started by breaking things right away, starting with the identity, but also by breaking in a few of the Verrado drift trikes ourselves. After more than a few skinned shins, torn shoes, and a lot of burned rubber, we felt like we had the spirit of this little devil of a machine.  

The old identity featured a tweaked script font along with a wheel that never seemed quite right to us. The first thing we did was dive into this idea of threes. Three wheels, triangles, and the trinity. Out of that line of thinking came a more aggressive approach that soon solidified into something we liked. We matched up the icons with a logotype that felt more appropriate and soon we had ourselves a look.

We had a lot of fun getting the personality of this brand just right, and it came across well during exhibits, shows and events for the client.


It was an easy project to have fun with for sure. Next up? Taking it to the Grand Canyon Invisible Bridge for a few insane laps. 

Selected Works

Olli ShuttleIntegrated

Sunshine To ShareIntegrated

Shasta PoolsIntegrated

Rally FighterIntegrated

Valley MetroBranding

Axon TaserBranding

Senita AthleticsIntegrated


Phoenix SunsIntegrated

First Things FirstIntegrated

3D-Printed CarIntegrated

Ally ArenaIntegrated


688 W 1st St #5

Tempe, AZ 85281


6327 W 85th St

Los Angeles, CA 90045


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