Protect What Matters.

Taser Self-Defense

Taser came to us last year with the challenge of helping them launch their consumer division. Obviously their parent company and their name are synonymous with law enforcement which does not exactly make them approachable to the average consumer. We aimed to reframe the product’s benefits to the people who need it the most.

We started with more story.

We had to research optimal consumer personas, map out the purchase journey for each, and oh yeah, figure out how they can advertise since most platforms consider them a firearm. We made up for this steep challenge by having only three weeks to launch the entire campaign before the holiday season.

An Aware Not a Scare Tactic.

We're not big fans of scare tactics or even fear in general, we wanted to remind people that most likely nothing is going to happen to them but the next time they get a little jittery—it would be a good time to get prepared with a less lethal form of self-defense.

With Taser Self-Defense we chose to highlight simple moments of vulnerability while highlighting preparedness for female runners, transit riders and urban explorers who just need a little more confidence to go where they need to go.

Show Stopping Exhibition Experience

We helped take the show on the road with training seminars and workshops focusing on not over-reacting and how to safely fire the core products.

Packaging to Match A Totally Different Use Case.

We got rid of the dark black enforcement visuals and wanted everyday people to consider the devices as an option to feel safer on the street with fewer consequences, and since Pulse+ can connect to a smart device, the aesthetic had to be equally intelligent.

They ran out of product.

I think we can stop here.