Respect the Ride

Valley Metro

As anyone familiar with running a vibrant transit system can attest, the news of a few bad incidents can travel much faster than the vast majority of uneventful, pleasant rides. Valley Metro wanted to pro-actively handle this reality before it had a chance to impact the perception of its many rule-abiding, loyal customers.

Characters for Countless Situations

While encouraging riders to Respect the Ride with the new code of conduct and more visible enforcement, we also introduced two new characters (named Right and Rong) who personified the right and (w)rong way to ride. Their job was to encourage good behavior by using a more humorous and less authoritative approach to balance the message.

We created a little throwback sitcom on the cheap to help bring both Right and Rong to life. Rumor has it the next season launches this year on Netflix and is being renamed: Better Safe than Sorry.

Know the Rules
Pets Roam
Right Shoulder
Rong ignores
rong is obscene
Rock Quietly

Promoting the Pledge

The campaign included a way for the public to participate in the movement by creating a pledge they could take and share, promising to make everyone’s ride better by riding like Right.

We created a little home for these characters that functioned as the hub of the new code of conduct…which people actually read at a 150% better clip than every before.

Traditional with a Twist

You can’t live, work or ride in the Valley Metro Rail corridor without noticing the increased visibility of the rules; but also our two fun mascots who playfully remind everyone about the dozen or so major ways to ride like Right. The campaign included a total of 5.545M impressions from mostly social share and rider amplification.

Coming Soon in Three-Dimensions.

Our little buddies were always supposed to be fully deep personalities, and so we've been working on making that happen as they evolve into a more general safety message across the Valley.